Sometime in late 2014 I decided that I wanted a better way to read the news. I didn't want an algorithmic "big data" system steering my eyeballs (analyzing my reading habits and limiting my options to what I was most likly to read), so I built my own. The first incarnation was a simple python script that pulled some RSS feeds and rendered them as a web page. It ran for years on my dev site before I cleaned it up and gave it its own domain. It was (and remains) the page I viewed most frequently on the Internet. is unapologetically centered around my interests. Those include business, financial, and political news (from different sources and angles), as well as technology and security topics. It also includes weather data pertaining to Northern Virginia, a hand full of stocks and market indices, and a list of topics trending on Twitter. All feeds are scrubbed and presented in a way that makes sense to me.